Pizza Knife - Choosing the Best Pizza Knife for Home

Pizza Knife - Choosing the Best Pizza Knife for Home

Last Updated: March 1, 2022

Everyone likes to eat pizza. But not everyone likes to cut it. A pizza cutter is an indispensable kitchen helper!  Using a pizza cutter allows you to get perfect results every time without damaging the pizza. This indispensable tool will give you the knifing pleasure of creating Italian dishes with a variety of toppings and mixes on homemade dough. 

The pizza cutter has replaced the old knives for slicing this delicious snack, offering much more convenience. Indeed, pizza cutting knives make for unforgettable dishes. You can use them to easily break up a pizza crust without spoiling it. You can also easily cut pies, cakes, pastries and other types of baked goods. This means that a pizza cutter will allow you to make delicious desserts in minimal time. All you need to know is how to choose a good pizza knife.

Pizza Cutter - Choosing

Pizza is the best food next to French Fries, but like them, cutting it needs an excellent tool, not just any, it has to be perfect. Food preparation should be fun and easy, that’s why you need tools that will make you smile every time you use them. A good knife is a must in every kitchen if you want easy and beautiful pizzas for you and your family. Pizza knife are essential kitchen gadgets that are used to cut pizza. 

As with all other gadgets, there is a range of pizza knife available in stores at different prices. But some work perfectly while others do not. These products are available in different shapes and sizes and can be made from different material. This article explores both ends so you can get a balanced view of what one can give you.

Types of Pizza Knives

Types of Pizza Cutters

A pizza knife, as pizza cutters are also called, comes in many forms. In this case, some devices inspire a sense of confidence, while others, on the contrary, cause a smile. However, they are all worthy of attention and deserve a more detailed analysis.

Classic Crescent-Shaped Knife

The large crescent-shaped blade is a classic tool that has been in use since before the advent of roller knives with rotating blades. The rounded design helps you cut the pizza perfectly without making the usual cutting motion.

Classic Crescent-Shaped Knife

Smaller knives have a traditional classic handle, while longer blades have a handle on top or two holders around the edges. There are also rough, massive knives without handles, which are sometimes called «guillotines.

Shaped Knife

It is not possible to claim that it is the most convenient, because it is problematic to cut a hot pizza with a large layer of toppings. If you lack skill, the edge comes out uneven, and the toppings slide off the blade or crumble. Be sure to cut on a cutting board. The knife is not only suitable for cutting pizza, but also for thin pies with open sand dough and puff pastry toppings. It can be quite difficult to cut such pies with an ordinary knife.

The Most Popular Pizza Cutter

One of the most popular knives has a sharp rotating wheel with a handle. The pizza cutter was invented in Italy, the home of pizza. The first patent for the pizza cutter was not obtained until 1905 in the United States. So, technically speaking, the Americans «invented» the pizza cutter, but this tool existed years before that in Italy. 

The reason we can thank the Italians for this wonderful kitchen tool is that pizza is attributed to them. It is said that the earliest forms of pizza were created as early as 600 B.C.! Disc knives fall into two broad groups, open-blade and closed-blade, in terms of appearance. The latter are safer.

The Most Popular Pizza Cutter

To slice a pizza, simply roll the disk with force, separating the rounded, large base into slices. There are countless varieties of pizza knives, but they differ from each other mainly only in the shape and length of the handle. The diameter of a round pizza cutter can vary. The most preferred diameter is 6-8 cm.

Pizza Cutter

When selecting, it is necessary to consider not only the design, but also the quality of the materials. First of all, it is the material from which the disk is made that matters. The best choice is durable modern stainless steel, which is most often used by manufacturers. Stainless steel is easy to clean, it is not affected by moisture and scratches. 

Thanks to its smooth surface, dough, toppings and cheese do not stick to the cutter. It is essential that the pizza cutter blades are hard and durable, with a smooth surface and without any burrs. Thin and soft steel with insufficient thickness will fail very quickly. The cutting edge of the knife must be well sharpened.

Popular Pizza Cutter
  • The handle can be made of high quality stainless steel as well as plastic or wood.
  • Steel is not only durable, but also more hygienic. It can easily be cleaned with hot water and various cleaning agents.
  • The natural wood handle absorbs dirt and grease and needs to be handled particularly gently.
  • Plastic products are afraid of high temperatures, so you need to make sure that the pizza cutter will not be in the vicinity of a red-hot surface.
popular knives

A slightly curved knife handle is best, but you can cut with a straight knife as well. Many people prefer to cut their pizza standing up. The manufacturers of kitchen accessories do not skimp on design. You’ll find knives freely available in stores with extra discs for shaped cutting of homemade noodles and baking cookies. 

For connoisseurs of precision, there are also models with a laser pointer that marks a perfectly straight line to the center of the circle. The easiest and most inexpensive model in this range is the roller cutter with a plastic handle body. 

The sharp wheel is half-immersed in the plastic body. Such a cutter takes up less space and is quite capable of handling the task at hand. There are also models with a cutting disk extending into the body.

The Equalizer Knife with Instant Results

The Equalizer Knife with Instant Results

With this professional pizza cutter, you’ll do it faster than anyone else — all you have to do is put the knife on the base of the finished dish and press it down. You’ll end up with multiple slices of the same size at once. «Equalizer» is a circle divided into segments by sharp blades from below. However, such a device should be chosen solely depending on the size of the pizza itself. If you always bake or order pizza of the same diameter, you can safely buy the device. 

Lovers of different sizes will have to buy several devices with different radii, as well as one of the largest. A significant disadvantage — cumbersomeness, to store the «circle» will have to find a place for it. Thus, this type of pizza knives is more suitable for professional use in pizzerias.

Scissors for Pizza

Scissors for Pizza

The scissors and spatula are especially handy to work with, for example, when the pizza is very hot. Thanks to the spatula there is no need to hold the dish with your hands. In addition, the pizza slices can be immediately placed on plates. This form of spatula allows you to make the slices equal in size. Cutting pizza with special scissors is not always convenient. 

How smooth and beautiful the edge will be depends on the toppings. A juicy tomato or mussel will not always cut evenly and nicely. These scissors are more of an additional accessory for those who already have a handy roller knife in their assortment.

Designer Knives for The Fans of Irregularity

Designer Knives for The Fans of Irregularity

If you like unusual and original kitchen utensils, opt for a pizza cutter from the designer series. One of the most popular novelties is considered a bicycle pizza cutter, one of whose wheels serves as a sharp rotating knife. The second wheel can also be a blade, then all that did not have time to slice one, finish cutting with the second knife in a circle. 

Very interesting and original look circus bicycles with one wheel, the role of the handle which plays a funny and funny figure of the rider. Figure handles depict animals or funny people. There are also knives that resemble a circular saw for solid, brutal men. The comfortable handle fits perfectly in a man’s hand and doesn’t cause any trouble in terms of practicality.

Criteria for Choosing The Perfect Knife

Criteria for Choosing The Perfect Knife

Let’s detour from the intricate algorithm in order to generalize a few real life tactics of purchasing :

  • The ideal diameter of a circular knife blade is at least 7 cm.
  • The handle is plastic or steel in preference, well secured with a hole to hang from.
  • The most successful pizza knife is the roller knife with a sharp spinning disk.
  • As the material of the knife, it is better to choose durable stainless steel. The blade should not bend.
  • If the blade is closed by the body, it must be removable, so that it can always be washed and dried.
  • The fixation of the wheel should be reliable and strong, not dangling, made of high quality stainless steel.
Criteria for Choosing The Perfect

Products from well-known manufacturers are always more expensive, but there are decent options in the inexpensive price segment as well. First of all, assess the quality, not the brands. If there are small children in the house, it is advisable to give preference to knives with a closed blade. If there is no fear of getting cut, you can safely buy an open circular knife, it is easier to care for. 

As a gift in stores you can find beautiful pizza knives with ceramic handles, as well as with drawings and inscriptions. However, when choosing a knife, you should not forget about its practicality and functionality.

Choosing The Perfect Knife

After studying our article about pizza knives, you may have realized that the best pizza knife for the job is a combination of different types. You may have also learned that there are many different things that go into making a quality blade. Hopefully, this article has helped you determine what type of blade would work best for your kitchen and how to take care of it using several cleaning and care tips. Now it’s time to go out and grab yourself a pizza knife!

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