About Us


My name is Eva Baines, since I was a teenager, I loved to cook — I experimented with recipes from all over the world, even when I didn’t quite understand what I was doing! I grew up in a family of chefs. It’s in my blood — literally. Over the years I have worked in several kitchens; training under the guidance of chefs with multinational experience and creative spirit.

The kitchen is the most important room in your house. It is considered as the heart of the home. This is also where the entire family gathers during a meal time to bond and bond over food. That is why it should definitely be well-furnished and have everything you need for cooking, food preparation, dining and so many other essentials in your home.

I created this blog to help people create their dream kitchen by saving money and organizing their perfect kitchen. This is the place where you can find your best kitchen utensils decisions based on your size, preference, style and budget. My mission is to motivate people to not only improve the look of their kitchen, but also to personalize it, making it beautiful inside and out. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or wondering what might be in a well-equipped kitchen, this is the place for you. A well-organized kitchen is what many dream of.

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