Pancake Pan - Types of Materials and Shapes

Pancake Pan Types of Materials and Shapes

Last Updated: March 1, 2022

Pancakes are a family favorite and the best pancake pans make it easy to create them. Pancakes are a lot like music and just like my love for music, pancake recipes are all over the place. Everyone has their own favorite recipe and plenty of people have their own way to make it. 

It’s good to have an arsenal of recipes at your disposal when the pancake craving hits. This is especially important if you want to choose the best pancake pan. I’ve had my fair share of pancake mishaps as I’m sure you have. But this article will ensure you never burn pancakes again the best pancake pans recommendations.

Features and Requirements

It is imperative to pay attention to three conditions, under which the pancakes will always turn out tasty and beautiful — the quality of the dough, the quality of the pan for pancakes, proper care of the pan. The last two conditions are unambiguously important. 

Therefore, for frying delicious pancakes, it makes sense to buy a separate pan and not cook anything else on it. If you use the pan from time to time to cook meat or vegetables, it will become unusable in a very short time.

The material for making pan, shapes and sizes may vary, but all have common characteristics. All frying pans have low sides, so it is easy to flip the pancake (it is the high sides that often interfere with the flipping, which makes the pancakes not perfect).

The next feature of a frying pan is a thick bottom and thick walls. This design gives the pan special strength and durability. Thanks to its thick sides and bottom, the pancake pan is easier to adapt to temperature extremes. Cold dough is poured onto a hot skillet, so the temperature adaptation should be good.

The handle of the frying pan should be long and preferably without heating from temperature, which will allow you to cook more comfortably. But the round shape of the pancake pan is not its integral feature. If you buy a square skillet, you can bake pancakes, which are very convenient to wrap the filling.

Features and Requirements

Comparison with a Regular Frying Pan

There are housewives who their pancakes always turn out excellent, and in an hour they bake a whole mountain of flour pleasure. But not everyone can boast of such a culinary abilities. Therefore, you should pay attention to a technically competent approach to baking pancakes: the right pan is half the battle.

What is the difference between a frying pan for frying pancakes and a regular one :

She is not universal. You won’t use pan  to make your morning scrambled eggs, healthy omelet, or crispy potatoes. The only thing it pan will be used for is frying delicious pancakes.

The frying pan has low sides. In some models, the sides are so low that they seem to be almost nonexistent. If you have seen professional crepe makers, you can note their perfectly smooth round surface. The dough is rolled out over the surface, it grasps instantly. Cooking such a pancake is very simple.

Convenient handle by the pan. Be sure to pay attention to the handle when choosing a frying pan. If it is short, fragile, wobbly, you will not be comfortable working with such utensils. The handle should adhere well to the base, be light enough and use against scalding.

Portion content pan. There are special portioned pancakes pan . These are pans that have round grooves at the base for filling with dough. One such frying pan can have 4. Pancakes in such a frying pan are small, but perfectlyround and tasty.


Materials and Design

Materials and Design

The choice of crepe makers today is very large: there are ceramic and marble coated, aluminum and cast iron. To say which is better is objectively difficult — they need a detailed description. The best way to learn more about crepe makers on the market today is to read all expert reviews, the best tips from the pros, and of course the shopping guide here! Don’t miss the chance to make the right choice!

Teflon Coated

Teflon Coated

The coating of such a product is non-stick and should be ideal for baking pancakes. The main thing in this frying pan is that you can bake without oil. Such a frying pan with a Teflon coating is inexpensive, sold in all stores in the USA. Teflon pans have a significant disadvantage — they need to be handled very carefully. 

If you scratch such a surface, there is a great risk of significantly reducing the life of the pan. But not only deformed Teflon is dangerous: if you heat a Teflon pan above 220 degrees, overheating is also fraught with a toxic reaction. Therefore, modern Teflon products are equipped with thermal spots — temperature indicators that warn of overheating.

Ceramic Coated

Ceramic Coated

Cast iron and aluminum can be the base of the pan, but ceramic coated, which gives the utensil the right to be called a ceramic pan for making pancakes. Since it beats Teflon in quality, the price of such a frying pan will be higher. A huge plus of the ceramic coating is that it is not afraid of high temperatures. A frying pan with a ceramic coating is safe for human health — ceramics are environmentally friendly (it contains only stone, water, sand), toxic emissions during overheating are excluded. 

Before using a ceramic frying pan, wash it according to the care instructions for this type of coating, wipe it dry, put it on fire, pour a drop of oil. The coating will very soon be saturated with oil. In a couple of minutes you will be able to fry the best pancakes of your life in a new pan.

Marble Coated

Marble Coated

Such pans are in trend today — a beautiful spraying, somewhat reminiscent of space pictures, looks very modern. The advantages of such frying pans are, the absence of taxins «stone» frying pan does not distinguish them and the composition of the coating is completely environmentally friendly. High temperatures during heating will not spoil the pan at all. 

There are a couple of drawbacks to this spraying — a marble frying pan is more expensive than a Teflon and ceramic one. But a marble-coated product will last longer than its cheaper counterparts. She is not afraid of metal and knives, which simplifies the handling of dishes. Still, you shouldn’t give her extreme checks: use silicone and wooden spatulas as basic tools for turning pancakes.

Cast Iron Pan

Cast Iron Coated

Ideal for conservatives. People began to use cast iron many centuries ago. This material is versatile and time-tested. In terms of durability and strength, nothing beats it. There is no special non-stick coating in a cast iron pan, but if you pour oil into it, the material itself becomes non-stick over time. The longer the cast-iron frying pan has served, the tastier the pancakes will turn out on it — such is the kitchen paradox. 

But an ideal cast-iron frying pan can be called only on the condition that you do not fry anything else on it, only pancakes. The frying pan absorbs odors, and pancakes after other dishes cooked on cast iron will taste a little strange. It is impossible to scratch the cast-iron coating, such a pan is durable, it only gets better over the years, it cleans well and does not deform. This frying pan is often inherited. The disadvantages are a couple of points: it is prone to rust (therefore, you cannot leave the pan wet for a long time), and such a pan is also heavy.

Copper Pan

Copper Pan

Copper is a valuable, very beautiful rare metal that is also used in the manufacture of pots and pans. But you can buy such a pancake maker only if you are ready to part with a large sum for the sake of a beautiful acquisition: copper pans are very expensive. Copper utensils warm up well, keep warm for a long time, look beautiful in the interior of your kitchen. 

The chefs say that the taste of the pancakes is more refined and subtle, who cooked pancakes in a copper skillet, perhaps this is a placebo effect, but it is possible that the noble metal really affects the taste of food.



An interesting option for those people who keep up with the times. Crepe makers are flat pans with which you can bake perfectly round pancakes very quickly. One such electric pancake maker holds from 2 to 8 pancakes. Pancakes that are baked in this way do not burn. The dough is distributed using a special stick. 

Most models have a heating temperature selection function. It is noteworthy that more and more manufacturers of such products are producing electric pancakes with removable surfaces: they can change the shape and size of pancakes, make them textured, with a pattern. That gives them a special charm and the one who prepares a special mood.

Shapes and Sizes

Shapes and Sizes

If you like large pancakes with filling, a frying pan up to 30 cm in diameter is for you. It is easy to add filling to such pancakes and make filled tubes or envelopes. If you like medium-sized pancakes, then the diameter of 20, 22, 24 cm is quite suitable for a frying pan. Very small pan are purchased by those who like small pancakes. Square pans are intimidating to some customers how can you make non-standard round pancakes. 

But many have probably noticed that it will be more convenient to wrap the filling in square pancakes. Many manufacturers began to produce square pans, which are also very functional. Cute kitchen utensils in the form of cute animal faces are a good option for a family with small children, they will definitely cheer up the whole family.

Care Tips for Pancake Pans

Pancake Pan

After the pile of ruddy pancakes is on the table, some housewives rush to put the frying pan into the sink and fill it with water. The pan should cool on its own, only then can it be washed. Carefully take care of the entire pan, and the handle. Pan wash and wipe dry, and only in this form put them in place. Metal accessories for the frying pan are actually not used: cast iron is not afraid of them, but many other materials are afraid, therefore it is better to buy from silicone, wood. 

Do not use the pancake pan for other dishes. This will greatly affect the flavor of your pancakes. Having bought a new pan for making pancakes, carefully read the instructions for it. Wash and dry the pan in a timely manner, then you will not have to go for the next pan for delicious pancakes soon.

A good pancake pan is almost a necessity for anyone who loves to make pancakes. Many people have never even considered that there could be different kinds of pancake pans. 

With many options available, it can be difficult to narrow down your selection. It is essential that you get the best quality pan possible while still fitting into your budget. With the right equipment, making a batch of these is quick and easy and the results are consistent so you can’t go wrong.

Pancake Pans

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