How to Choose a Spoon Rest for The Kitchen

How to Choose a Spoon Rest for The Kitchen

Last Updated: March 1, 2022

Protecting your kitchen and table surfaces from food stains, germs, and spills is crucial. This type of protection can be found in many different products but one product in particular is the spoon holder for the kitchen. These spoons are made to prolong the life of the utensil while protecting the surface it rests on. 

They come in a multitude of colors and designs giving owners several options to choose from. In addition, these spoons add an aesthetic element to any sort of table space. An ordinary table spoon holder may seem like a small gadget, but it is actually one of the most important tableware on the dining table.

How to Choose a Spoon Rest

On a regular plate, of course, you can put a spoon for mixing, but the stand is more compact, convenient and beautiful. Costs such an accessory inexpensive, sold in almost every store. The main thing is to choose the right one, taking into account the material, size, personal preferences.

Is There a Difference in Shape and Size

The kitchen spoon stands are an important working tool, not a serving item. This will be reflected in its practical purpose and ease of use. The simplest option is an oval plate on which the working part of a spoon or a ladle is placed. It can also be divided into two compartments for different types of kitchen spoons and ladles. 

The corners give space for both long and short handles to stay in place, while storing different parts separately saves space and allows you to organize your kitchen utensils by function or type. Naturally, such a stand prevents you from having to place your kitchen utensils on the edge of a sink (or any other flat surface).

Is There a Difference in Shape and Size

The more elaborate coasters repeat the shape of the spoon and have room under the handle. On the one hand it looks nice and part of the dirty handle is not on the table. Sometimes it is necessary to install the accessory so that the place for the handle is turned in the right direction. There are also vertical models in the form of a scoop with a curved handle.

Shape and Size

The depth of the excavation does not matter much, since the volume of drops is insignificant. Small even more convenient and require less storage space. But here, of course, you should trust your taste and consider the size. If you plan to use for a scoop, take into account the diameter.

What Material to Choose

The materials for making spoon stands should be high quality, resistant to high temperatures, fats, acids. It is important that the spoon stand withstands frequent washing in hot water with detergents. 

Specifications used for their production should meet all standards that are mandatory in this sphere of production. All homemade products without information on the material of manufacture and recommendations for use is better not to consider.

What Material to Choose

Plastic and Silicone

The cheapest coasters are made of food-grade plastic. Wholesale cheap decorative coasters made of plastic can be found in any supermarket. Coasters are not only used to protect the surface of furniture from moisture droplets, but also to look good at the table. Plastic coasters have many interesting decorations: they can be beautiful or multicolored. Modern coasters are made of an ordinary food-grade plastic, which does not react with any liquids. 

A lot of manufacturers process this material by painting different flowers and patterns on it. Such a pleasant addition to design will significantly amplify the view of your household interior. The advantages are the variety of shapes. There are deep and shallow, graceful and shaped — for any style.


However, it is impossible to call plastic tableware practical and durable. The surface is covered with microcracks, in which fats accumulate and microorganisms multiply. It is better not to put too hot spoons. Wash with care. Fragile and breakable. As long as the temperature is low, you can use plastic dishes. At higher temperatures it starts to melt, and discoloration and deformation of the product appear.

Plastic and Silicone

Silicone is not much more expensive, but it is many times more practical, safe. A silicon coaster is a very practical thing, capable of withstanding many conditions for many years. Silicone is not afraid of hot water, detergents, disinfecting in boiling water, grease, acids. Can be stored anywhere without fear of scratches and chipping. Silicone coasters are like small oval saucers, they bend but do not break or split. This material provides an excellent opportunity to present a gift to someone.

Ceramics, Porcelain and Other Clay Materials

Consider materials derived from clay. These are ceramics, faience, porcelain. They are used to make tableware: dinnerware, teaware, coffeeware. Products made of fired clay are not afraid of high temperatures, and the glaze protects against contact with liquids and grease. To make them more durable, some products are decorated with an enamel. Enamels provide glossy and durable surface, although they are more fragile than glazes. The most popular types of tableware are dishes and cups.

Ceramics, Porcelain and Other Clay Materials

The development of dinnerware and porcelain goes back thousands of years. The ancient Chinese were the first to create pottery, which they used for cooking. They then progressed on to making tableware out of porcelain, adding a protective glaze. Fine ceramics are often still created by hand using the ancient techniques. 

Ceramics continued to be produced throughout history in various forms, with high demand in Europe starting from the middle of the 15th century. Porcelain was a sought after elite good whose production secrets drove a trade war in 17th century Europe. Materials used today include fine china, bone China, and porcelain or ceramic stoneware Earthenware.

Clay Materials

Every owner of the house is very concerned about high quality things. Therefore, each useful thing we have in our house has to be made from top-quality materials and meet all standards for this purpose. Ceramic spoon coasters are beautiful and comfortable. 

Ceramics are glazed in different colors and painted, including in the style of collections of tableware and dining sets. Ceramic coasters are suitable for everyday use and serve as a decoration of the kitchen. Ceramics with a beautiful painting will delight your eyes every day when you look at the coasters on the table or on the shelf.

Porcelain and Other Clay Materials

Porcelain is a very special clay-based material. It is one of the most expensive materials to use for an item and it has a number of unique and wonderful properties which make it perfect for various types of uses. It is lightweight, durable, beautiful, and literally glows from within. Porcelain has been used in China for almost 10,000 years. 

It’s been thought of as an elegant art form and was a favorite material used in making musical instruments and tea trays. Porcelain clay is the result of firing a grog at the right temperature for the right length of time and it’s this firing process that produces its attractive properties.

Glass - Maximum Inertness

Who appreciates practicality and hygiene, there is glass — an inert material, not afraid of acids and alkalis and easy to clean from fats. Transparent glass is chosen by lovers of minimalism — the glass is almost not visible on the table. 

Compact models are easy to store. Over the last 10 years has changed attitudes toward the use of glass tableware in everyday life. In the past, it was considered a rarity and an attribute of statesman-like etiquette. But now such an attribute is very desirable. Glass compositions are very diverse.

Glass - Maximum Inertness

Choosing glasses for kitchen can be confusing. But there are some types of glass that are better than others for this purpose. Durable modern glass is a great option because of its advantages such as temperature resistance, anti-corrosion and easy care. In addition, although it looks delicate, it is very durable. Ceramic glass is durable, scratch resistant and does not absorb odors.

Stainless Steel - Strength and Durability

Stainless steel stands for spoons are indispensable kitchen accessories, which give our utensils an attractive appearance. In the studio acquisition of these stands for spoons is not always possible, but if you have the opportunity to order them, then I recommend that you do it immediately. As a rule, they are as simple in design as possible, but win in practicality.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is not so susceptible to scratches, and therefore does not rust easily. It has been known for many years as a metal resistant to corrosion, and this is a very useful characteristic in the kitchen — simply because no one wants tableware stained by coffee or tea. And stainless steel will last for many years, if it is well maintained. 

We all know that the material is the main indicator of durability, it plays a huge role in determining the quality of the product. Usually, is it made of stainless steel?  So, if you buy kitchen accessories made only of this material, then you can be sure they will serve you for many years. It’s also elegant, which adds to the beauty of your kitchen.

Two-In-One Lid Holder for Pot and Spoon

When cooking, it is often necessary to remove the lid for some time and cook in an open pot. Where to put the lid for this time? There are special holders for them. But why clutter up the kitchen with unnecessary items if they have already invented a universal holder for a lid and a spoon. You can take advantage of this universal combination to save space in the kitchen.

Two-In-One Lid Holder for Pot and Spoon

On one side there is a recess for a spoon or ladle, and on the other side there is a holder for the lid. Holders of different manufacturers differ in design and size . It is important to pay attention to what size the lid of the holder is designed for, to study what principle of fixation is provided. Pay attention when buying so that the construction is stable and not overloaded by the weight of the lid. You can take the lid to the store for verification.

Ceramic spoon holder is elegant looking and does not require any maintenance. It is durable and can last a lifetime without breaking. However, it’s heavy, plus it breaks if you accidentally drop it on ceramic or wood surfaces. 

Ceramic holders are made of sturdy porcelain with careful attention to detail and artwork. If you’re particular about aesthetics, you should consider purchasing it. The porcelain has glaze finish that looks great if your decor is shabby chic or rustic.

Two-In-One Lid Holder

Two-in-one holders are made of plastic, ceramic, and stainless steel. The stainless steel spoon and lid holder is attractive because of its practicality and durability, but it is not always stable. Plastic is lightweight and doesn’t guarantee stability either.

There are many different shapes, sizes and materials available in spoon rests, which means it can be hard to know which one is right for you. However, if you take the time to select the right spoon rest, you’ll get great use out of it for a long time to come.

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