Choosing a Plate for Picking up Bones at Lunchtime

Choosing a Plate for Picking up Bones at Lunchtime

Last Updated: January 9, 2022

The plate for bones is used to keep the table clean and tidy. According to social etiquette, it should be served to each guest accompanied by meat or fish dishes. The history of serving food on dining tables can be dated back to ancient dynasties, where the emperor himself used to enjoy his food from the dining tables. It is known that special dishes existed even in the time of Peter the Great.

Plate for Picking up Bones at Lunchtime

Today, traditional plates for bones are not as popular as they used to be. In fact, some modern housewives are completely unaware of their existence. That is why a large number of people have never used them and do not know how to find such a product. Despite this, traditional plates for bones have very specific characteristics that distinguish them from contemporary products. Let’s look at what they are and how to correctly match them with the existing set.

Features and Types of Waste Plates

The shape of the plate for the collection of bones is in the form of a half-moon, half a shallow plate with a recess in the center. When you have guests over you can put it in the center of the table and put all the bones back in it after your meal.

This geometric shaped line is created not only for beauty — it is easy to attach the sickle-shaped plate to the main plate so as not to take away space when serving the festive table. The shaped plates can be used not only for meat or poultry dishes.

Features and Types of Waste Plates

For example, they are always placed on the table with dessert or fruit, because many bones form during the meal. We are talking, as a rule, about berries: cherries, grapes, different plum fruits. Or sausages in inedible shells. In addition to stand-alone plates, hanging bone trays are available that attach directly to the dinnerware.

It looks like an interesting choice, but it is not so convenient from a practical point of view, because it is not stable and not suitable for independent operation. At the same time it requires the same amount of space, because nothing can be placed next to it. Hanging trays are made of lightweight materials — stainless steel, plastic.

Of the most inexpensive are the disposable plastic ones, but they are completely inapplicable for home use. There are special holders for fixation. At times in hanging trays you can serve various sauces to the dishes.

What's the Best Cookware to Choose

To avoid having invited guests wondering where to put the bones and other trash during dinner, take care to place appropriate special trays on the table. Order beautiful plates that match the dinner set or the rest of the utensils in color.

Overview of Materials and Recommendations

Bone dishes are made not only of ceramics, but also of earthenware, as well as porcelain, glass or crystal and high quality stainless steel.

The ceramic group of products is the most popular :

  • Porcelain is a ceramic material. Expensive yet lightweight, the material is very beautiful and durable. For thousands of years porcelain has been a popular choice in China, India, Europe and the United States to make all kinds of objects. Porcelain products are often decorated with gilding, painting, perforation and other techniques.
  • Faience is an interesting material. While fragile, it has a solid reputation for being affordable and eye-catching, but porous due to its matte glaze. It is Ancient Egypt’s only important native industry and was produced in many centers across the country.
  • Ceramics — natural material with a porous mass. Ceramics have existed for thousands of years. The main component of ceramic products — clay, is a natural material, which is processed in many countries throughout the world.
Overview of Materials and Recommendations

The glass-ceramic material is a relatively new and technologically advanced material. It is a combination of the glass, which is inert, strong and resistant to high temperatures, such as fracture glass and ceramic, which have high thermal resistance. The material has all the advantages of glass: smooth, inert, does not absorb odors, easy to clean. Glass-ceramic bone plates do not break even when dropped on a tiled floor, and retain their properties in the process.

Using stainless steel is a practical option. But accessories made of steel do not go well with classic dinner sets. They are better considered for everyday use and cooking home dinners. They are easy to care for and will last for many years. Stainless steel is also available in a variety of styles.


What To Buy For The House

Plates for bone are sold by the piece, in sets of 6 and 12. The collection of well-known brands includes waste trays that allow hosts and hostesses to easily match the tableware with the appropriate serving item. In most cases, stainless steel plate extensions are made of stainless steel.

But it can be more difficult to choose the right plate, because it must be exactly matched to the shape and height of the main plate. It would be more reasonable to buy a separate plate for the bones. All dishes of different depths and sizes will work for them. If the tray cannot be matched with the existing service, then you should pay attention to the thematic design idea.

What To Buy For The House

Sometimes manufacturers apply drawings, through which the guests who are not familiar with the rules of etiquette, themselves will guess the purpose of the plate is unusual for them. Transparent glass and crystal are quite suitable and versatile solutions when choosing. Match the waste plates with the glasses if you can’t find models that match the service.

When and How to Serve a Plate for Bone

It is recommended to place the bone tray behind the main dish, almost flush with it. Such a plate perfectly wraps around the dish and does not take up unnecessary space on the table. The need to use such a device arises almost always if the food served includes food waste.

When and How to Serve a Plate for Bone

In fact, this container is a beautiful trash can, where various food scraps, including expired napkins, are placed if desired. Serve meat, fruit, shrimp, crawfish, pistachios, etc. on an additional plate. Such a plate will not remain unnecessary, with its help you keep the tablecloth clean and you can change serving items less often.

Thanks to its oval shape, it is particularly suitable for serving lemon slices and many different appetizers. Olives, black olives, pickled mushrooms, salads, and meat and fish dishes are all ideal for serving as appetizers. True, only if there is no waste.

It is recommended to place the bone

There are many things you need to considered when choosing a plate for picking up bones at lunchtime. Size certainly is one of the main things to consider. Material is another important factor, especially if you have children running around.

Some plates are very fragile so it may not be a good idea to use those as they may break easily. To get the most out of your choice, you should take a little of your time and purchase a good waste plate.

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