Buying Guide for Electric and Manual Can Openers

Buying Guide for Electric and Manual Can Openers

Last Updated: March 1, 2022

Features and Purpose Can Openers

Can Openers have evolved greatly over the last century, with new models being released every year. But the design that we know today has been largely unchanged since the 1960s. They consist of a wooden or plastic holder, as well as a metal element that performs the cutting function.

Can openers have been around for a while, and many designs come with sharp teeth at the end. This makes them versatile can openers for almost any purpose. There are some designs which can be used to open up different types of cans while eliminating the need to use multiple can openers.

Modern world is moving very fast. Any household is incomplete without most modern devices that help you in your everyday life. The best inventions are items that do multiple things and save a lot of money. Such multifunctional devices are usually referred to as all-in-one products or Swiss-knife products. They replace a number of traditional kitchen items accordingly to their purpose, e.g., openers for cans, cutters for different kinds of food and many others.

Modern products are distinguished by a special design that minimizes the contact of the knife with the contents of the can. This prevents metal particles from entering the container. Whether you are a left-handed individual, right-handed individual or have disabilities, there are openers that are designed to suit your needs. For the left and right-handed individuals, they come in designs where you can hold it in either hand. The ones tailored for disabled people have inclusive design features that enable people with disabilities to easily open jars.

Types of can openers

Explore this article, get to know “family” of household tools for opening cans. I will tell you about the most common as well as unusual variants of such accessories.

Types of can openers

Manual Can Openers

These are the simplest types of devices that have been around for a long time. They are characterized by durability and long service life. They are designs with wooden handles and a metal cutting part. It, in turn, consists of two elements — for opening cans, as well as prying lids on glass seams. This part is fixed with plastic or wood. The strength and durability of the product depends on this.

Mechanical Can Openers

Such devices are more complex. Herewith, their functionality allows using at food service establishments. The principle of operation is quite simple. The sharp end breaks through the lid of the can, after which it is fixed. Rotation takes place with a special valve. This option is a great device for home use. Especially suitable for those who often open canned food.

Among the special characteristics of such knives should be noted:

Secure attachment and a work surface that resists the formation of rust.

High-strength steel sharpened blade.

Plastic sleeve, which can significantly reduce the force during rotary movement.

High speed of assembly and disassembly, so there is no need to use additional equipment.

Even dishwasher safe.

Automatic Can Openers

A simple and practical model that is very easy to use in practice. Batteries are used for operation. The device is installed directly near the cover, after which it is started.

Before using the automatic can opener, you should carefully study the rules for using the device. Care should be taken during operation. Do not allow the device to fall into the hands of children. To clean the product from contamination, it is necessary to completely remove the automation.

Differs in the following advantages:

Ease of use at home — no need to make any efforts, even a beginner can handle opening.

Safety — the opening points remain smooth, so it is impossible to cut yourself on them, which excludes the possibility of domestic injuries.

Compactness — takes up a small amount of free space.

There is a magnetic coating that allows you to easily attach the blade to the lid without damaging the contents of the can.

Long service life — if used correctly, the device can last for many years.

Electric Can Openers

The product looks Mechanical Can Openers analogue. Many models are made in the form of a cutting wheel with a wooden holder. Used to open the can at maximum speed. Inside there is a motor that starts the movement of the impeller. Each model has different features of work.

Modern manufacturers offer many different options. There are portable and desktop models. The first option takes energy from the batteries, and the second when connected to the network. You can also find multifunctional devices that are designed to open different types of cans.

Before you start opening the can, you need to carefully secure the opener with the latch.

It functions according to the following principle:

With the help of the holder, the opener is fixed to the lid of the can.

Turn on activates the motor, after which the automatic opening of the can begins.

Removing the latch from the can lid.

How to Choose the Best Can Opener?

There are some rules to follow during the purchase. Consider the following product parameters: The material from which the cutting part is made.

Features of use — how easy it is to open can openers using this design.

The principle of operation and functionality of the product. Device dimensions and weight.

Can Openers

Handles made of plastic are more practical as they do not slip in the hand. The manual type of construction must be securely fixed, and the surface must be free of jags or roughness. When buying an electrical product, you should pay attention to the material of execution. Tabletop models must be protected from slipping, as safety directly depends on this.

How to open a can with a can opener?

How to open a can with a can opener

If you have an old can opener design, then follow this procedure to open the can: Direct the cutting end perpendicular to the working surface. Press down on the handle to drive the cutting head deeper. Over time, you will learn how to do it right. Such can openers are the most common option, despite the existence of advanced designs.

Please note that while opening, you must tightly support the jar. It is recommended to use the help of another person during the learning process. Send the knife through the hole and start expanding it. At the same time, move forward. Cut the tin with a forward motion. Gently go around the already cut part, as there are very sharp teeth. Otherwise, you could get hurt.

How to use a can opener with a wheel?

How to use a can opener with a wheel

Before starting the opening process, carefully study the design of the can opener and follow the algorithm: Place the sharp wheel on the lid of the tin. Align it if necessary. Secure the device with a wedge. Learning to do this quickly takes practice.

Firmly fasten the wedge, and then begin to move along the working line. During rotation, the lid will begin to give in and open. Rotate the handle and move along the edge until you open the lid.

How to use an electric can opener?

How to use an electric can opener

To open the can properly with an electric knife, follow the instructions: Place the can under the cutter wheel. Fasten it firmly so that the container does not slip during the opening process. Start the device. Support the can to prevent it from toppling over.

There is a magnet on the end of the electric opener that holds and lifts the lid during opening. Go to the end of the lid. The process can be considered complete. It won’t take long.

Features of the can opener

Each type of construction requires compliance with some maintenance rules: Do not use hot water for washing. Some models are not dishwasher safe.

You can store the product with other kitchen appliances. Any detergent can be used for cleaning.

Features of the can opener

Can Openers — a device that must be in the kitchen. Be careful when choosing a product. Try to buy products from only trusted manufacturers.

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